The Book

Insightful, entertaining and often heartfelt this book is a one-stop guide to global arts and culture professionals you need to have on your radar. Each profile is written by the artist featured, resulting in an intimate look at the people behind the art.

Featured artists include: Chor Boogie, Elicser Elliott, Indigo, Nunca, Juliana Neufeld, Graham Robinson, Pascal Paquette, Che Kothari, and many more! Download a free PDF copy of the book or buy a printed copy.

“What an interesting approach to checking out where contemporary art is at, and also, what’s next. The artist roster reads like my collection wishlist.”

Caitlin - Writer, Cossette

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I love that you can read what an artist is doing, and immediately be able to pull up a link to that project. This is one-stop shopping to understand the work in context, and to learn which artists and crews are connected and influencing each other. For the click-happy art junkie like me, this is a perfect resource.”

Daniel Rechtshaffen – Lawyer/Art Collector

“A Face A Name: People Doing Well and Good— This book creates an intimate conversation with awesome artists at the cutting edge of their crafts -- Reading about them makes me feel hip and happy.”

Marie Moliner - Regional Executive Director,
Department of Canadian Heritage


Conceived & written in 2011

Well and Good is an independent art service organization based in Toronto. Established in 2007, we’re two people passionate about the potential of art to engage people and enrich lives. As a cultural agency, we participate in all parts of the creative chain to embrace a dynamic centre from which to move rather than a static position. Well and Good is equal part creator, manufacturer, producer, distributor and supporter of contemporary art. Particularly art from the margins like graffiti and street art.

Our work over the years speaks to this and we are constantly making the most of the opportunities that present themselves. We’ve created short term art hubs and social experiments like 52 McCaul, curated and produced exhibitions, directed and produced a documentary, engaged in public space advocacy and mural production all while working directly with artists to develop and manage their careers. As a result, we’ve had the great pleasure of working with some of the world’s finest talents.

When Transmitter Studios approached us to work on a book, we saw the potential to serve our mandate by creating a showcase that is part resource and part prediction for our community and the year ahead. To us community isn’t bound by geography, it’s about values. We admire and have worked with many artists and organizations and a pattern emerged of those who were especially driven in pushing themselves and inspiring those around them.

Conversations have always played an important part in how we have built relationships between art and new audiences. We take pride in providing a personal introduction to the artists and their process, so it seemed natural that we’d take this approach to the book. It made more sense to let them tell you in their own words - where they’ve been, where they’re heading and what they see on the horizon. The results are an honest view into the life and hopes of an amazing group of people sharing their gifts with the world.

We hope this book puts a face to the name of some of the people we think that you need to know about. They’re doing Well and Good. It may not be a complete listing but it is a place to start.
Lisa and Steve

The Artists

  • Adrian Forrow (TO)
  • Alexa Hatanaka aka Lexr (TO)
  • Patrick Thompson aka Evoke (TO)
  • Che Kothari (TO)
  • Chinawoman (TO)
  • Chor Boogie (San Fran)
  • Cindy Blažević (TO)
  • Dan Buller (MTL)
  • Dasic (NY via Santiago)
  • Doug Paisley (TO)
  • EGR (TO)
  • Elicser Elliott (TO)
  • Eric Q (TO)
  • Fasade Group (TO)
  • Gene Starship (MTL)
  • Graham Robinson (TO)
  • Ian Kamau (TO)
  • Indigo (VAN)
  • Joseph Tisiga (Whitehorse)
  • Juliana Neufeld (TO)
  • Labrona (MTL)
  • Li-Hill (TO)
  • Manifesto Community Projects (TO)
  • Meagan Spendlove (San Fran)
  • Mediah (TO)
  • Nor Black Nor White (Mumbai)
  • Notes To Self (TO)
  • Nunca (São Paulo)
  • Omen (MTL)
  • Pablo Aravena (MTL)
  • Pascal Paquette (TO)
  • Peru Dyer aka peru143 (MTL)
  • Roadsworth (MTL)
  • Steven Henderson aka Hope (TO)
  • The Baitshop (TO)
  • Trevor Goodwin aka Horus (TO)
  • We Kill You (TO)
  • Whippersnapper Gallery (TO)

“Wow! What a great collection of talent! So much info and inspiration! I could keep looking at this book for hours. Feels great to be included. Thank you, Steve, Lisa and everyone involved for your hard work.”


“The book is awesome. Some creative innovative artists of the future reside in this book. a must have of the must haves.”

- Chor Boogie

“A great survey on a generation of artists that have grown into their own from their work spanning over a decade. Well and Good have captured the pulse of the artists in this book – a testimony of Lisa and Steve’s tireless work as curators and community builders.”

- Gene “Starship” Pendon

“Steve and Lisa are doing great work for the art community, bringing creatives together in so many ways to share ideas and collaborate on projects. I feel very honored to be included in a publication alongside such talented and inspiring artists. Reading A FACE A NAME was a great way to gain greater insight into the work of artists who I’ve been following for years, and also find out about many others whose work was new to me.”

- Indigo

“The book looks AMAZING!!!! Great work. I’ve been glued to my computer for the last couple days getting down with it.”

- Adrian Forrow

"What I like about the book is the diversity of practices that are presented. It’s a reflection not only of the cultural circle of influence that surrounds Well and Good but also of a generation of urban artists whose work transcends the often fashionable labels of “graffiti art” and “street art”."

- Roadsworth

“This project, another testament to Well And Good’s untiring quest to brighten our lives and make art a part of our everyday, is a welcome addition to Toronto’s arts landscape and hopefully just the first of many publications detailing the great work by young contemporary artists in our world.”

- Whippersnapper Gallery

“I love this book! There’s so much information and such stunning photos in it that it’s hard to read quickly. It’s the sort of thing that you take your time with as you ponder each artist’s process. Highly recommended.”

- David Lacalamita, Musician & Collaborator